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When wanting to get your mind blown to Alpha Centauri and back, Nirvanic Insights is your number one go to place. And if the odd possibility of your mind coming back, no worries, it will be dissolved in a spiritual bonfire from the timeless Nirvanic presence of the Dao

In this place your ideas about yourself, the world and life will be challenged and through this challenge, you shall grow.


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Nirvanic Insights is a placeless place on the internet, a place where anyone can share their own spiritual insights into the nature of life, nature and reality.

Lycillus: The River that Runs Through Me

Word had travelled and slowly but unquestionably the crowd was gathering around this peculiar woman, who they say came to them and their town from the great forest to the east. The woman was fair Lycillus, an adherent of an ancient order of souls who practiced the art...

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