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Can God be Found in Psychedelics?

Can God be Found in Psychedelics?

Yes God can be seen in psychedelic voyaging. He can be seen anywhere, he is always here before your eyes.

Psychedelics make your eyes more sensitive towards more subtle layers of reality, and god is as previously said, in all realities simultaneously.

Psychedelics are aliens from distant stellar constellations who have travelled light-years to communicate their learnings about the one supreme Being, or thats what I hope anyways! (lol)

The mushroom is an intelligent sentience who wishes to befriend us and make witness of the supreme together (maybe). But beware as there are dark mushroom beings as well, these can be dangerous and should be dispelled by the light of truth when in contact.

God is always here, as you, through you! So you don’t need psychedelics to see him, but just your heart to be open for his presence.

He is formless, and therefore within your form.


Can God Be Found in Psychedelics?

by Daniel Seeker | Nirvanic Insights

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