How to Conquer Evil Spirits & Demons With The Power of Your True Mind!

conquering evil spirits with your true mind

Evil immaterial forces exist. The world isn’t only atoms and void, though that is indeed a powerful view of the universe still.

There are forces out there beyond our perceptive and our technologies grasp, these forces and beings are both good and evil, the same way some people are kind, noble and honorable whilst others treacherous and depraved.

Powerful Prayers to Get Rid of Evil Spirits and DemonsThis isn’t a fantasy, though it may seem like one for materialistic eyes.

If you are trying to find a way to conquer evil spirits and demons, I may have a couple of tips for you, my dear friend. Firstly as I’ve covered in my previous contemplations, the one about the power of prayer, is a good start if you are attracted to praying and light infused words.

If you have tried prayers and haven’t found much success, you could try consciously using your mind to conquer their malevolent energies.

But one thing you should know is that you cannot conquer these forces with your limited “everyday” mind. The chattering monkey mind, no matter how sophisticated is no good in this battle.

What you need is rather to become in tune with, what they call in Zen, your original mind.

This mind is your natural true mind and I’ve found that only this mind can conquer evil forces.

How Do I Use My True Mind

To make use of your true mind, you have to first and foremost surrender your untrue mind to it. If you are afraid to surrender it permanently, you could try doing it momentarily. That is to give way to your true mind and from thereon, letting it cleanse within and without.

This is true power, power of spirit.

If you become overwhelmed, know that your true mind cannot be defiled or dominated. It is ever perfect in its nature, and it is the source of light. So find comfort in this truth, even while you feel like your being overwhelmed.

Buddha Meditating

Conquering Evil Spirits and Demonic Energies

You can conquer them by either directing the conscious light of your original mind towards them or you can conquer them by the spontaneous actions that occur while being aligned with your true mind.

I cannot guarantee that you will immediately prevail over these temporary dark forces, but I can guarantee you that nothing can really “hurt” your original mind. It is the source of all, including the nasty and dark, and therefore beyond them.

Becoming more aligned with your true mind will allow you to be wiser when challenging situations present themselves unto you.

Your words will be infused with grace and light and your actions with power and direction.

I wish you all the best in your battle!

Bless you and your beautiful soul, whether you be an atheist or a christian, a hindu or a muslim, a jew or a yezidi, a lover or a loved.

All the love of the universe to you!

Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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