How To Deal With Dark Spirits When Taking Psychedelic Mushrooms

effects of psychedelic mushrooms

Psychedelics increase our sensitivity. It makes our senses go to turbo drive and all our sensory faculties are sharpened to the point where some experiences become overwhelming for a regular human being.

That being said, this sensitivity, can and does reveal different dimensions of consciousness. The actuality of of spirits and other immaterial beings existing aren’t so ludicrous when you’ve taken 5 grams of psilocybin or 3 big puffs of DMT. In fact they are rather incredibly palpable for your immediate consciousness when you are at this heightened state of sensitivity.

Your perception becomes much more open to different realms in which energies move.

Some of these energies, entities, spirits can be quite psychologically challenging. They often want to instigate some reaction from you.

Lets see if they truly are “dark” or “evil” or if there could be something else thats causing this severe reaction towards their presence.

Dark Spirits or Premature Conclusions From Your Mind?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when meeting with inter-dimensional beings, is to keep your mind open and keep your conclusions very few and let them also flexible. Meaning that you shouldn’t mistake the confrontational attitude of a spirit to be the equivalent of them wanting to hurt you or sabotage your experience, or even worse, them being evil.

In truth, this could be a rather dangerous attitude to bring into the psychedelic experience.

Most often them being confrontational is because you are entering their realm, and as any sentient being, one is on ones toes when meeting with another sentient being.

More importantly they also want to play with you, see what you are all about.

Without this “feeling out” process, i.e. without the teasing and challenging, its difficult for them to establish where you stand in your beingness.

You shouldn’t be too afraid when they are feeling you out, because most of the times, the energies that exist in inter-dimensional space are benevolent and highly intelligent beings, whom also happen to be open for new connections with human beings.

Set and Setting

First, I don’t recommend you going into a psychedelic trip if your set and setting is lacking in any important way, as being in a comfortable and supporting space is crucial for a overall “good” trip.

What initially can seem to be a evil spirit is more often just your evaluation of a certain situation.

Therefore make sure your surroundings is set up nice, relaxed and proper.

Lotus Flower Spirit

What To Do When It Truly is a Evil Spirit

If you are absolutely convinced that you are dealing with a malevolent spirit, heres a couple of real keypoints to remember to diminish their power over you.

  • They cannot last. Meaning that they were born in time and they will end in time. This should give you a bit of comfort and existential power.
  • They cannot exist independently from your consciousness. Which means that the further you go in your self, the more you will realize that you are manifesting them into reality. It may not feel like you personally doing this, but nonetheless your awareness is responsible for this “trial” if you will. So bear it with grace and move onwards.
  • Do universal prayers of surrender and love to the Supreme Being. This will undoubtedly ease any discomfort or spiritual anxiety you may endure during that moment.
  • Stand firm in your own truth and let whatever may come come. You just stay put as yourself!

Concluding Thoughts

These are some of the things I would do if I was challenged by dark entities during a psychedelic trip.

But remember, never do an overhasty conclusion about what your trip is. Let it all flow, most often it is just our “projections” about the trip and not the actual trip itself.

The chances that you will meet an benevolent being is much more likely, and the chances that a benevolent spirit aiding you during you being harassed by this “dark” one is also big.

Light triumphs, because the void itself is made of light.

Bless you and your journeys upon this planet and other inter-dimensional spaces!

Go forth where none has gone before and explore the magnificence of the Supreme Lord of the Universe!

complex patterns energies moving around psychedelics
Psychedelic Patterns of Energetic Movement

Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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