Can you Become Enlightened by Drinking Ayahuasca?

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Yes you cannot. Which means, no one becomes enlightened, nirvana and samsara is the same. Ayahuasca peels of a shadow you deem to be reality, for a time, but in truth that doesn’t give reality to the unreality of a shadow.

You figure it out!

Put to you in a more down to earth language…

Thoughts on Ayahuasca and Enlightement

Ayahuasca like all other psychedelics function in the way that they make your sensitivity very heightened and acute. Windows into more subtle realities become available for the one that takes these substances. Layers of reality and of your own psyche become visible and palpable for your thinking mind and senses. This can be frightening for some while very enlightening for others. Deep repressions and depressions which has built up over the years can potentially become your immediate reality, and herein lies the fear for some.

My advice to you when having a bad or perhaps more correctly, challenging trip is to stay put within your own being. Know that nothing in manifestation can fundamentally overwhelm your essential consciousness. This is true power. Power which is innate to you.

To recognize that which you are, timelessly and effortlessly.

What I’m trying to convey is that enlightenment is already your essential condition and natural state of being. You just have to realize this deeply within your own soul. You are not your crazy ape mind or your sense of identity. You are much vaster and infinitely more subtle than that.

You are not even the body, nor the senses.

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Enlightenment cannot arise out of an action that you as an independent separate self take. If this would be the case that would mean that previously enlightenment was non-existent. This cannot be because enlightenment means timelessness. It does not belong to the confines of time.

You are not who you think you are if you think that you as a person, can attain to enlightenment.

You need to investigate


“Withdraw into your own self ” as the neo-platonic mystic philosopher Plotinus said.

“God hugs you from all directions” as Hildegard of Bingen said.

“What you are look for is where you are looking from” as St Francis so powerfully proclaimed.

“God cannot be seen, God is the seer” – Ramana Maharshi

Find this space within yourself which is unpolluted by the movements of samsara, and you will be saved from all ignorance and despair.

Ayahuasca may aid in speeding up the process, but a substance in and of it self cannot give you what you already are.

Remember this!

A Non-Dual’s Master’s View on Ayahuasca

Here below the advaita sage Mooji is confronted by a open-minded beautiful woman about the possibilities and capabilies of the shamanic brew ayahuasca.

Mooji bless!

I love him!

The Dao loves him too.

Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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