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When wanting to get your mind blown to Alpha Centauri and back, Nirvanic Insights is your number one go to place. And if the odd possibility of your mind coming back, no worries, it will be dissolved in a spiritual bonfire from the timeless Nirvanic presence of the Dao

In this place your ideas about yourself, the world and life will be challenged and through this challenge, you shall grow.


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Nirvanic Insights is a placeless place on the internet, a place where anyone can share their own spiritual insights into the nature of life, nature and reality.

Contemplating Suicide? Here’s Why You Should Continue Living!

I‘ve had a couple friends that have taken their own lives, and it is indeed a dark thing to witness and to be a part of. The despair that must come over an individual to seriously consider taking their own life is indeed an important topic to address, and an...

Who are You? Who Am I? Discovering Our Original Selves

Its time. Time to find out your essential nature. Lets DO IT! Ehm.. how the f*ck are we supposed to do that now? Well the preliminary answer and first and foremost we should ask the supremely important question! Where are we looking from? Meaning are we looking from...

What is the Difference Between the Separate Self and the Ego?

Do you know who you are? If so, are you sure that this is your essential nature? Could it be merely your psychological mind or the ego which you are referring to as yourself? Is this subtle sense of a psychological separate self, is this really you? Lastly, is there...

How To Deal With Dark Spirits When Taking Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psychedelics increase our sensitivity. It makes our senses go to turbo drive and all our sensory faculties are sharpened to the point where some experiences become overwhelming for a regular human being. That being said, this sensitivity, can and does reveal different...

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