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When wanting to get your mind blown to Alpha Centauri and back, Nirvanic Insights is your number one go to place. And if the odd possibility of your mind coming back, no worries, it will be dissolved in a spiritual bonfire from the timeless Nirvanic presence of the Dao

In this place your ideas about yourself, the world and life will be challenged and through this challenge, you shall grow.


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Nirvanic Insights is a placeless place on the internet, a place where anyone can share their own spiritual insights into the nature of life, nature and reality.

The Divine Damsel of Perfect Presence

Aside from truth there are no falsities in the non-distinctive state of presence. I have been to afraid to see through the outer layers of non reality. The love is the ground for all the world to grow and flourish, but the soil has been poisoned by fear and...

Love is the Way, So Why Don’t We Love Each Other Furiously?

Here is the tear that is never in fear from that weathered storm that keeps serenity at bay. We are never alone in this place where thoughts visit and emotions stay. The butterflies of tomorrow cannot be fathomed in the mind today, and if they are fathomed they are...

The Great Paradoxes Of Our Lives

Blood flowing veins surging with life force and energetic dynamics. How serene the unseen is amidst the myriad of the visible world. Is there anything that is not affected and permeated by life? Life is the essence of all, and all are happenings occurring in life....

The Unborn Self: The Supreme Subject

Jolly well done isn’t it sad to see the bloom in a half made process through the concrete that guards the machinelike structures of the entire insentience. I have come to the very end of the search, and see that the search is itself a necessary illusion to be played...

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