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How to Live Before You Die

How to Live Before You Die

So… You are wondering how to truly live before that final moment arrives. To that question, my answer is… Learn the art of dying before you die.

Seems like a paradox don’t you think?

That is to truly live one has to know how to die.

What kind of advice is that anyways? and what does it mean to die before you die?

I don’t know… I just don’t!

Oh I got it! Yes… What is meant is that you shall simply let go of that which is not in harmony with your truth.

Paradoxically the more we become less of “ourselves” or our image of who we are, the more we are ourselves.

To die before you die is done by simply discerning that which you are not and then releasing and transcending it.

How to transcend this “something” that you are not?

Let it dissolve in the light of your truth.

On a more personal note, I recently had a dear friend that took her own life. One of my first reactions when I heard about it was similar to that scene in Matrix when Trinity witnesses her dear friends being unplugged and instantly killed by that traitor. Especially that sentence, not like this, not like this…

That was what I felt, yet I understood her at some profound level anyhow.

I knew what she was trying to get rid of when she made that final choice, because lets face it, its the same fucking bad guy in all the movies.

It is the psychological mind that creates a claustrophobic straightjacket of an existence for itself, and suffers it.

Therefore I say unto you, die before you die, but not in the way that my dear friend did. Live life as life, totally, fully and enjoy it!

This only comes through the clear understanding of who you truly are and not who you take yourself to be. Know yourself and be free of that which you are not. Love yourself unto non-existence and you shall discover eternal life..

Love and Light


Love Towards Yourself!

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