What Happens When You Smoke DMT?

First of all, you don’t smoke DMT, you are smoked by DMT! Or perhaps by what McKenna called Elf-Machines disguised as DMT!

What happens is that your sensitivity is boosted to hyperdrive and you become aware of more dimensions than you can psychologically handle.

Windows of Reality

Our everyday world and our senses is but a window into reality. There are many windows of different forms and shapes, color-stained, transparent and many more too bizarre to even imagine.

What we are experiencing now is a fragment of the universe. Though don’t be discouraged, for within this fragment the totality is also experienced. That is of course if you have the eyes to see it. If not you’re doomed to believing yourself to be a “person”. You are essentially not a person, but more presence.

But this isn’t something your local priest or your parents ever teach you. They all address you as a person, you are more than that limitation upon consciousness.

The Significance of Smoking DMT

What can smoking DMT do for this straightjacket of a concept/identity/self-image that most people are living with?

It can make you realize that life isn’t all 9-5 jobs, marriage, reading the papers, watching youtube, getting laid, going to the gym, eating sushi, being a good parent, raising children and being a good citizen. Though these things can be nice in and of themselves, they hardly compromise what life is “really” about. Why?

Well because there are many more dimensions out there left to explore. Dimensions which aren’t necessarily out “there” but also within you.

Its all about your openness to reality.

spiraling glitchy pattern

If you feel that you want to smoke DMT to become enlightened, that isn’t always the right attitude or a good plan. It is better to enter the DMT realm with fresh innocent eyes. Don’t expect too much. Not even the self-transforming machine elves which McKenna always rants about.

Be empty and dance with it.

Also be careful to not do it in unsafe or tense surroundings! Always strive to have a nice relaxed setting for your voyage into the meta-realms of consciousness.

That being said there is also a possibility of you becoming totally dissolved in the first principle, and you become love itself. Everything you see is touched by this love. You are that!

Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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