Who was Meister Eckhart?

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Meister Eckhart was a powerful Christian mystic who through his sermons managed to deliver great timeless wisdoms. He was a mystic of the highest order alongside the likes of Ramana Maharshi. He knew that life was derived out of the supreme principle, and the best way for a human being to reach this supreme being was to make ones heart into a sanctuary for divine love.

“Therefore sanctification is the best of all things, for it cleanses the soul, and illuminates the conscience, and kindles the heart, and wakens the spirit, and girds up the loins, and glorifies virtue and separates us from creatures, and unites us with God.”
   Meister Eckhart in his Sermons – Sanctification

Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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