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Nirvanic Insights is a placeless place on the internet, a place where we discuss many different topics, such as spirituality, mythology, psychedelics, philosophy, history, ideas, the esoteric and much more. 


Simply put, when wanting to get your mind blown to Alpha Centauri and back, NirvanicInsights is your number one go to place. In this place your ideas about yourself, the world and life will be challenged and through this challenge, you shall grow.


All About Synesthesia and Ideasthesia

All About Synesthesia and Ideasthesia

What if you could taste colors, or hear the letters of the alphabet? It might seem far-fetched to imagine, but these are common occurrences for people who have synesthesia. Synesthesia, which translates to “union of the senses” in Greek, is a phenomenon where one...

6 Essentials of Dream Interpretation

6 Essentials of Dream Interpretation

Dreams have long been revered for the messages they convey. Shamanic traditions use dreams to solve problems and gain insight about what is to come. In Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, dream interpretation was an art that required thorough practice. Great kings and...

9 Tools & Techniques to Help You Induce Lucid Dreaming

9 Tools & Techniques to Help You Induce Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming, the phenomena of the dreamer becoming aware they are dreaming while still in the dream, might seem like a rare occurrence. However, up to 50% of the population will have at least one lucid dream in their lifetime. This wondrous intersection between...

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