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Simply put, when wanting to get your mind blown to Alpha Centauri and back, NirvanicInsights is your number one go to place. In this place your ideas about yourself, the world and life will be challenged and through this challenge, you shall grow.

Demonology in the Ancient and Modern World

If you’ve ever watched a famous horror movie about possession like The Exorcist, you’ve probably become at least a little intrigued by the notion of a whole science around unsavory, dark beings whose maleficent presence threatens mankind—or at least makes annoying...

6 Folk and Fairy Tales With a Life Lesson

The first known person to explicitly reference a moral at the end of a fairy tale was Charles Perrault, who resided at the Royal French Court of King Louis XIV. However, while Perrault may have been the first to explicitly append moral instruction to bedtime stories,...

6 Ancient Pieces of Wisdom About Health

With all the recent advances in science and medicine, it’s easy to believe that people weren’t really living well until the modern day. This notion only seems solidified when we look back at times past—there are plenty of plagues, diseases, and deplorable cures...

5 War Goddesses from World Mythology

Since ancient times goddesses have played their own special role in mythology, lore, and legends across the world. These goddesses are usually known to control the duties of life such as motherhood, fertility, and love. Sometimes however these goddesses were required...

Who was the Greek Goddess Aphrodite?

Aphrodite, literally meaning out of foam (the why you will discover in a moment), was the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire, passion, fertility and sexuality. She is known for being a major figure in ancient Greek mythology and folklore. Was the Goddess...


Ideas are powerful, they have the power to change things for the better or for worse. They can build societies but also destroy them. Even though they are bulletproof, they aren’t exempt from criticism and contemplations.

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5 Fascinating Facts and Ideas from Ancient Egypt

5 Fascinating Facts and Ideas from Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a civilization located in North Africa concentrated along the Nile River. For almost 30 centuries from its unification around 3100 B.C to its conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C ancient Egypt was the dominate civilization in the Mediterranean...

3 Ideas from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

3 Ideas from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

The information contained in the Egyptian Book of the Dead acted as guidebook for the recently deceased. The following are three ideas described in the Book of the Dead which held great meaning to the ancient Egyptians. 1: Personalized Books of the Dead The Egyptian...

10 Ideas that Have Shaped Western Civilization

10 Ideas that Have Shaped Western Civilization

When it comes to moments that have changed the course of history, we usually think of inventions like writing, the wheel, and the lightbulb. But what about the ideas that have caused massive upheavals in the way the world spins? Here are 10 ideas that forever changed...

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