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A place where you can explore reality through multidimensional perspectives

Nirvanic Insights is a placeless place on the internet, a place where we discuss many different topics, such as spirituality, mythology, psychedelics, philosophy, history, ideas, lucid dreaming and much more.

Simply put, when wanting to get your mind blown to Alpha Centauri and back, NirvanicInsights is your number one go to place. In this place your ideas about yourself, the world and life will be challenged and through this challenge, you shall grow



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Nirvanic Insights:
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This was written for you, the earnest seeker for truth and full existential understanding. Anyone that is sufficiently open to new insights is welcomed to participating in this adventure through what humanity has discovered to be great spiritual truths.

Though humanity and its members have passed through thousands of years and many ages of contemplations and understandings, these following teachings I deem to be the pinnacle of all that wisdom.

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