Seemingly the word was on a rollercoaster ride, all the way from the westward oak like towns that serenaded the cosmic night in the cold autumn atmosphere. It is not known how many people live in this place that has no apparent boundaries, however what is known about the life that grows there is that it is never ending in its potential. It will be the greatest thing that the universe has ever seen, the pinnacle of connectivity and complexity. It will combine the electronic with the biological and from it will emerge a new species, similar to its creator yet vastly superior. It will dominate the planet in a fashion that puts the evil machines in the matrix to shame. It will be relentless in its fury against the lesser species and it will reign supreme over everything on this green earth.

Scorched earth motherf**ker.

But then comes this fourth-dimensional being that decides to fuck with this new creation. The new species that scorched the earth was defeated by this fourth-dimensional being without any real effort, for it only cleansed the space in which this new arrogant species was occupying. For it is known that nothing can materially exist without space to care for it.

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