Alignment with Being: Allowing Yourself to Simply Be

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I need to do this! I need to do that!

I have to stop doing that and this so I can do this or that instead. Which is better this’es and that’ses than my this’es and that’ses.

I want to become something that I am not in this current moment. A better person or something like that. I want to be “happy” and have a serene mind.

What do I need to do to get there?

I’d do anything, If I knew what it was…

Here lies the fallacy that haunts the graves of billions of troubled souls. Thinking that the I is something completely separate from the surrounding world. That the ego is the real self, that the way to happiness is by developing your abilities to function psychologically and socially.

When real awareness knocks on your front door, the reactions to the knocking can vary incredibly.

Some would open the door and let the essence of the being reign, while others would fear it as a result of many years of ignorant programming.

I truly believe that the ascent of man is through the transcending of the ego. When you’re a baby, the ego hasn’t solidified into what it is at say, the adult age. Life is undeniably mesmerizing during this time; everything is a mystery and mostly its just one marvel after another. But then after being exposed to this blind society for a period of time, the ego shows its ugly face.

From up high to down low we are cast..

From being in tune with the frequencies of the cosmos, to becoming in great disunity with the cosmos and ourselves.

How great the fall of man truly was and is, indeed.

But from one perspective which happens to be one which I have, is that the point of the fall, happens to be the glorious rise. If you can rise when fallen so low, then you bring equilibrium into play. So in a way the formation of the ego could be the worst and best thing that happened to man. Down and up we go.

To be in the state of concord and have it crumble right before your eyes, and the climax, which is to have it returned to the divine state which your being always strives for. This is what the great pursuit of happiness is truly about. You don’t have to become this or that. You just have to let yourself be. When this is achieved, the soul comes into alignment with the world soul. Which is the ultimate source of joy and love. When you sense the undeniable connection with everything else in the world as its expressed around you. See the expression of this particular place in the universe, and just keep your eyes open, body relaxed and your mind satisfied.

There doesn’t have to come anything to you, because it already at your disposal if you truly see it.

The Confused Cat

Before a seeker becomes a mystic, he is a very confused entity walking around. I am this, a confused cat. Don’t take anything I write too seriously!

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