A Beloved Goddess Riding on the Waves of My Dreams


The rising of the waves marked the ending of the saviours time to dispel atrocities beneath the seven heavens. We are overcome through the love that is pouring from the eyes of the grace of the beloved, which there is no return from to either or against the will of the lord of the universe.

Whispers from tortured souls visit my crib at night, they always say the same thing, free me, free me from this terrible night. As I wake from disturbed and nightmarish sleep, I come to my senses that nothing is to keep. Lo and behold the grievous tale, that I have been made witness to and retold in sale. I will not bow down to the necromancy of these rascals, for I have seen the light and been sharpened in my discerning.

To the unknown we are thrust, and back to the singular mind we shall return. This is merely a temporary dream that we are participating in. See that which never moves and you may be blessed with tender serenity in these times of cruel turmoil. Be a light unto yourself and be a witness to the eternal being within you that is moving and touching every aspect of your existence. Moreover, never fail to see the miracle of your time on this earth, whether its been time spent in sorrow and pain or time spent in grace and beauty. All are blessings from the lord of the cosmos, blessings for you to cherish and listen to and eventually find your path way back to that eternal unity beyond distinctions.

I have been told that the way west is filled with thieves and rascals, perhaps we should take another route, said he.

No, we are the only bad men travelling in these lands, if we are to be defeated by lesser creatures, that is our own fault. How are we to be detangled in the great samsaric non-existence if we are troubled by it? When you completely ignore the egoistic tendencies and habits and thoughts, what can it do to you?

Soaring in the night sky, I fall slowly down on the teary meadow. I have been away for so long from my tender darling. Now I see the contours of her face, from so far away, still I see the dimples in her cheeks as her smile radiates my horizon.

Blue blight move through the wheel of time as masks of foul fruits dissolve. Howling as the wolf does when seeking to express, the love that the beloved has for us is immeasurable. She gives all life and asks nothing of return, and when the seeker seeks, she reveals the treasures of life. How poor and damned I was when I was myself a shadow and delusion. Now that I have seen the light, the shadow has been dispersed throughout the open horizons of my heart. I see no longer despair and confusion in my souls abode. In here remains only tender love for the beloved, for she is ever present with me in every moment.

Love and laugh

Fall through the holes my dear, and in the trenches disappear. How long will it take till I reach your gates, where we can meet in perfect union and partake together in the exotic bridal chamber. I wish to be in perfect harmony with you, in every delicious form and shape, while witnessing your tender movement through the halls of my princely palace. Your cheeks are red as plumes and your hips are reminiscent of two opposing voluptuous waterfalls.

See the way all things merge, that way I want to merge with you, as formless form move together and establish intimate connection. Silence in my heart and vivid in my soul the music that unfolds are the strings of my heart being played from the beyond where no man may ever return from. Aii, this is the way I speak of, aii, wont you care to partake?

The Weeping Philosopher

Am I contradictory? Hell, I never intended to be!

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