Consciousness Squared: Introduction

Boat Solitude

There can never exist anything outside of consciousness, there is no world outside you this is merely a myth that has been hammered into us by the cultural operating system. Your consciousness is the first principle, which all other subsequent phenomena can arise out of. This is a fundamental truth for all sentient and subjective beings. There is in fact no such thing as objectivity. All one has, as a sentient being is ones own subjectivity, In other words subjectivity is all that exists. When the scientist or the intellectual stresses objectivity, he or she is unconscious to the fact that everything is based on a subject to perceive and receive it. Life cannot exist without a subject there to grasp it.

Absolute subjectivity or consciousness is therefore the first principle, which all other things can rest upon. When the scientist looks for objectivity in his laboratory, he is often forgetting one thing of crucial importance, namely that all one truly has, as a sentient being is ones own subjective experience of the world. The more subjective you then become, that will translate into the degree of your objectivity as well. Absolute subjectivity brings about absolute objectivity. If you are partially subjective and partially objective you will be working on unstable ground. Therefore the scientist should study himself and not only what appears to be the external world. What use for knowledge is there if one does know the knower of knowledge.

Therefore one’s own consciousness should be equally or in my view, more of an object of ones attention than the natural world.

In this web eBook, I shall go through different ways one can study oneself, not only ones own psychology but also and more importantly, the totality of your consciousness. Sure one can reduce and dissect different parts of the psyche to better understand it intellectually, and that is in fact what psychologist have been doing for quite a while now. But that will not be the method given out in this book, rather the methods, insights and techniques in this book will be of a different nature. That being said, of course one can make use of ones own intellect, but it should be truly noted that the intellect cannot know consciousness in its totality, and what we are looking for in this book is an fulfilling and whole understanding of the subject that is navigating the world that we are currently sharing and living on.

Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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