(This article is a series of spiritual contemplations (non-serious) on the nature of the universe from a cosmological and spiritual standpoint)

The universe is the totality of the manifest reality, that is the entirety of space and time. According to cosmologists it is made up out dark stuff (95 %) and the rest, about 4% is what we call ordinary matter.

We humans in our folly attribute the dark stuff to the song of Melkor but in fact it is the visibile stuff that was made in the creation song by Saurons master. I don’t know if they will teach you this version in your ordinary cosmology class, but hey! What can you do!

How big is the universe?

The universe is as big as your consciousness, no more and no less. Now how you view your consciousness is the focal point of the size of the universe.

Without your consciousness there can be no universe, know this and be this. However without your ego and your body, there indeed can be a universe. The key is to distinguish between your consciousness and your identity/ego/personhood. These two radically differ.

The universe according to cosmologists is a very big place, that means that your consciousness is a very big place.But please don’t drown in the immensity of it, but stay put as the magnificence of yourself.

What are nebulas?

Nebulas are interstellar clouds of matter, which include dust, hydrogen, helium and other gases. Except for American Idol, these are one of the main places where stars are born. How? By clumping together and thus increasing the density of a certain region in space, that is until a star is fit to be born out of the chaos of whirling matter.

I like nebulas, they are purdy to look at, and also on a serious note, Kelly Clarkson rocks!

Do aliens exist?

Most likely… The probability is very high of aliens existing. Now exactly what their biology is based on and how advanced they are is another matter.

The universe without life is quite boring. If we are to listen to the astronomers who say that our universe is 13.75 billion years old, most likely when things got cooled down a couple billion years ago, most likely there emerged life forms in hospitable places spread out in the vast and young universe.

Most likely…

Sometimes we are all aliens to each other it seems.

That being said, I would like to meet an enlightened alien being, someone who has realized the formless substrate of the universe. I wonder how they would be in contrast to their brethren who were still in the ocean of samsara. Most likely they would be quite different though they belong to the same species.

How old are you i.e. the universe?

The cosmologist says the universe is about roughly 13.7 billion years old. While this may be true, I say unto you, the universe is but a dream in the glorious mind of the Nirvanic Being.

The Nirvanic Being is a formless, ageless, timeless, qualityless being that is permeating all universes. It is prior to all movement, it is the originator of all movement. Yet it does not move itself. It is utterly detached yet completely intertwined with all manifestation. It cannot be fathomed by a separate knower of it. If you go about trying to understand it with your intellect, i. e. the need of a subject and object. You will never understand it.

However if you go with the guidance of your spiritual heart accompanied with the grace of the Serene Spirit. You will come home, you will be one with that One.

The universe is a big place, billions of stars, galaxies, and galactic clusters.

You are the witness of all.

From where do they arise? And to Whom?

Explore and Behold!

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