Do you wish to know the difference between a buddha and a mystic? In a nutshell, a buddha means someone who is awake and a mystic is someone who is united!

Then we may ask ourselves, what is a buddha awake to and what is a mystic united with?

Good questions indeed!

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The answer is simple.

A Buddha is awake to his true nature while the mystic is united with her true nature.

Oh my… what could that mean?

This is up to you if you have an analytic mind you will find differences between these two, but from the eyes of the Dao, there is no difference.

They are both illumined spirits, completely one with the totality.

All the traces of their past identities has been dissolved in the Supreme light of consciousness.

They have been freed from the serpent mind that lures trillions of souls into confusion and ignorance.

The mystic alongside the buddha are beacons of spiritual light that walk the worlds of the multiverses. They have witnessed their own original face, and been completely mesmerized by its subtle beauty and grace.

The Dao is called the Great Mother:

“The Dao is called the Great Mother, empty yet inexhaustible, it gives birth to infinite worlds.” – Laozi

The Mystic and the Buddha are the high points of humanity.

Simply beautiful.

I love them dearly and so should you.


Well by loving them you are loving yourself, though not loving yourself in a egotistical way but in a universal and unconditional way.

This love is the originator of all the loves of this universe.

This is the true love for the spiritual seeker trying to establish herself in the embrace of the beloved one.

The beloved one is you and who you are in your essence…

Formless, shapeless, storyless, nameless…

Empty yet inexhaustible, you give births to billions of worlds.

You are the way and the way is you.

You are the light of the universe and all shall return to your unfathomable grace!

This is what the mystic and the buddha perpetually feel in themselves, and this is also why they are so blissful and serene while the whole world outside are going around trying to bite their own tails!

Blessings to you dear reader!

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