The Divine Damsel of Perfect Presence

Aside from truth there are no falsities in the non-distinctive state of presence. I have been to afraid to see through the outer layers of non reality. The love is the ground for all the world to grow and flourish, but the soil has been poisoned by fear and malnutrition.

The world was once a paradise, and still is in some place, but the heart cannot go back to the olden times where love was rampant for nature and through nature. It has been said that the life that is lived is the symphony of the lords will, for he plays each of us in his own manner of choosing. The greed that will poison the human kingdom will also be a fertilizing ground. I have been separate from the one true face of humanity that is ever loyal to its creator and imager. It is been what it is been since and before the beginning and after the endings of all realms. It’s a story worth telling since it sings the melodies of existence in the most peculiar and creative ways imaginable for the human mind.

I will not stand down! The girl cried loudly…

The lady of shallot painting

This is my house and if it comes to it, I shall be slayed right where I stand. The fathers of the western age have been kind to you, for not letting your souls be cast into the nothingness in which all light are foreign to.

How dare you little damsel, to question my authority! Her opponent responded, I will be swift with the dealing of your punishment he cried angrily.

I have been so patient with your myriad ways, I have been fed up with this over and over panting over the same old thing. Why wont you just be silence it self for once. Can you tell why?

I will not be silent until the movements of my mind has been stilled with contemplations of the word of god that has been etched in the eternal souls of our own hearts that will be flowered into ecstasy.

We have been afraid for far too long to let that puny fear control our lives. We have been released from the chains of the ego-mind that have been enslaving us for endless ages. We are the ones that have seen the great dawn, and we are eternally grateful to the Supreme Being. We have never been more in love with life itself, but how are one to enjoy when time eats up all our attachments and loving objects.

Blue tree four whispers on a dark sea.
How we are in tender awe of thee, of thee.
I see the world before me, and cry loudly towards the sea.
The fathomless depths call back at me, saying there is no end to your misery.

Woe, oh such woe, we live in.
Misery and despair killing ourselves in.

Lets love ourselves out of this won’t you say?

The Weeping Philosopher

Am I contradictory? Hell, I never intended to be!

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