What is Heaven? Spontaneous Contemplations

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What is heaven?

Heaven is the perfect state a sentient being can achieve. This perfection includes eternity and infinite sense of love and happiness. Heaven is the idea of being in total harmony with the will of the divine. In this alignment of soul and god lie the infinite fruits of heaven.

How do I get to heaven?

If heaven were a place in space and time then this question would be apt, but if it’s more like a state of mind or beyond mind, it is not a path to thread but a discovery to be made. If I were to say, to get to heaven you need to save a life, parent a child, feed the hungry and love the innocent, then it would be like a mission plan and could therefore be thought as a path. But if told you that to be in heaven you simply need to know yourself, that would be more like a unveiling of what is already you.

Why does heaven exist?

Heaven exists because man since the birth of the separate self has had a need to explain and escape the misfortunes and misery that surrounds him. Man imagined a world or a state that was beyond this misery and created the concept of heaven. Where happiness is unending and love is unconditional and pleasure unlimited.

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What is its opposite?

Persistent suffering and absence of relief from all forms of pain and anguish is its opposite. Hell is suffering and suffering is hell.

For whom is heaven?

For whomever wants to be free and to dwell in the house of the lord forever in joy and love.

Further contemplations

Heaven is the place or state, where one is simply happy in oneself and ones surroundings, this is a place where there is no separation and distinction. No strife, no hate, no anger, no fear but only the presence of the eternal perfume of god, which is immaculate love. In this place there is no conflict, no illusion, no serpent, no divisive thoughts, there is only a constant magical experience of eternal life as it unfolds in perfect beauty without comparison.

In heaven there is perfect unity with all things and no-things, it is in this place were seeds of hatred hath no chance to grow. In heaven there is only god and his beloved children, and his beloved children are no other than those who have chosen the eternal before the passing, truth before illusion, love before separation.

Heaven is ones true and only real home, a home that all sentient beings long for in someway or another.

Even though I have done many attempts to describe this state or place, they all fall short because in truth there are no words to accurately describe it. It is the unfathomable, and because of this it is the most perfect.

The Confused Cat

Before a seeker becomes a mystic, he is a very confused entity walking around. I am this, a confused cat. Don’t take anything I write too seriously!

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