You become happy through the use of inner alchemy. Happiness comes only when you can transmute your negative emotions into spiritual gold. Happiness isn’t derived out of possessions or materiality. Happiness is a inner state of consciousness, not an outer state of affairs.

You can always be happy, that is if you know how to transmute your baser elements into higher expressions of your own existential essence.

Just a tip, don’t be so invested in deriving happiness from other people or other external events that may or may not happen to you. Cultivate your own happy abode within the spacious confines of your own soul. It is here that all lasting joys and feelings of happiness will be.

Sure you can have some drive in order to improve the materiality of your situation, that is if you deem it to be appropriate for that time. But know that it is only within that your lasting happiness will be found, never without.

Love and Light!

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