A Room of Mirrors: Last Nights Dream


The Dream (19 Sep 2014)

Suddenly a door stood before me, a door that was slightly ajar. I entered into the mysterious room and found myself lost between mirrors. It appeared as a square room, not knowing how to navigate, I just pushed away the walls of mirrors to open a path up.
After doing this a couple times, I suddenly realized that this path that I was creating was leading to nowhere but the same square room of surrounding mirrors.

I was always gazing at myself in those mysterious mirrors and that mysterious room. For the life of me I thought that there had to be a path that led to somewhere other than this.

Then and there, I became aware in that very room. The dream became lucid and I suddenly and without delay fell into a state of silence. My eyes shut, the mirrors no longer appearing, my senses dulled in the most indescribable way.

The sensation of suffocation came over me for a very brief moment and then and there I awoke.

My whole being awakened and a state of complete and total relaxation followed with no thoughts.

World in Waters

The Intellectual Explanation:

The never-ending path of this square roomed with mirrors and my attempts to leave it and find something else than myself, could be interpreted as me trying to escape from myself.

What or Who am I, could be the message of this peculiar dream if there is any message at all.

Trying constantly to find something else or perhaps the self by exerting myself and moving around by pushing against my own reflection. Attempting to escape by finding some path somewhere, which is something other than this. The futility of these attempts I think was what awakened me.

It was the futility and absurdity of trying to escape from myself, I think, which also led to that state of a short-lived suffocation.

This suffocating which rather surprisingly and graciously transformed into total relaxation. A feeling of complete let-go in my very core took place.

What or Who am I, became clear.

It was and is, nothing and everything simultaneously.

The Confused Cat

Before a seeker becomes a mystic, he is a very confused entity walking around. I am this, a confused cat. Don’t take anything I write too seriously!

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