It was in the far east, the sun first showed its luminous crimson face. What wonders it would bring with itself through the aeons.

Through its endless stream of energy, complexity would accelerate. Life would dawn, and death would be introduced into the sphere of the universe. For could there be death if there was no life to begin with?

The clouds forming in the hearts of man.

Some turn rapidly into raging storms

Other’s give the light of the soul the appreciation it deserves.

What can you feed the unfeedable if not void.

What does it mean to nourish inanimate stones?

Leave it to the playground of the universe. Just another indispensible part of the cosmos, I guess.

I know things are confusing. Life keeps getting stranger by the minute it seems. I suppose that to truly come into ease with the verse is to not mind the strangeness.

Embrace it and come to love it instead. Play the game, but also know that what you are playing is a game. There are many games, this happens to be yours.

See to it that your game is worth the candle. Move unexpectedly, do all sorts of crazy. Being unpredictable makes your chances of having a good run in the game, all the better.

Feel the heat and don’t curse it, move with it in harmony. If frost comes biting down your spine. Don’t shun. Taste it with your atoms and let them have their slow dance.

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