Word had travelled and slowly but unquestionably the crowd was gathering around this peculiar woman, who they say came to them and their town from the great forest to the east.

The woman was fair Lycillus, an adherent of an ancient order of souls who practiced the art of the one eye. Their kind were few these days and this happening proved to be an extreme rarity for these unwelcoming townsmen of Uluna.

Lycillus shut her eyes and serenely whispered her magical words piercingly unto to growing crowd:


There is a river that runs through me..

It forever flows and dances

Leads me to the great sea.

It forever plays and entrances.


Harmony is its nature

and gentle is its way

Great is its stature

And wild is its sway


This rivers course is known

It’s always coming home.

The sea, great glorious sea

The flower to the bee..


Lycillus stood stoically there in the utter silence that followed her mysterious message to the crowd. She opened her eyes once and took in the whole scenery infront of her..

She continued suddenly and powerfully right before the first voice of the crowd had any chance of making noise.


What hath you done..

To avoid the light in each others eyes

What hath you done

Trampling the rose that never dies

What hath you done…

What hath you done…


Is it not clear?

Oh phantoms of life.

Why do you keep feeding your mutual fear?


Surely you must see..

Oh lost children

The overflowing fountain of tears in me


So let it be, and be free

Dissipate these tears into musical clouds

Of joyous and sad melodies

Orion Nebula 

Know the eternal in you and in all…

That love is the source and remains the light.

That truth is its sister and best friend


So what hath you done..

Why have you built castles, defences and high walls against it.

It seeks to embrace you into its gentle arms

And yet you turn away and move from it.

It seeks to show you the grandeur of your light

And yet you dwell in darkness instead.


What hath you done..

Is it not clear to you?

The river is within..

The honey is within.

What hath you done..


The atmosphere changed drastically and the crowd felt an guilt like they never before had ever felt…

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