Musical tones varying colors that amplify the sensations that give us the impressions of nonsensical masterpieces. How we are grounded in the vast infinity that is looking at itself. Its gaze sees all and it is never without gold light. The eyes of light and light of eyes makes all the graves in the world sanctuaries without boundaries or symbolic exclusion. We are a single unity divided amongst ourselves in the multiplicities of natures graph. One loving spirit can bind them all to their one true root. We are no longer here to dwell in despair, but we are here to cherish and celebrate that eternal being that has us all breathing on its behalf. How can we miss it? Its always here, it’s the most consistent no-thing in the phenomenal world. We are blind to ourselves as we are. Waking up is therefore a diving into oneself, oneself which is infinity grasping itself in a perfect mirror.


I see that which sees no longer, all illusions are revealed as truth. The one that will fall into himself will know the great truth. Hearken these words, for they are the guides of your soul to your spirit. The spirit will never die.


Under the carpet of the light chained hallways, we have been looking far too long. Here is the one who is never found, here is he who is here but never in front. Are you capable of listening to these words and hearing the silence within them? If so, blessings sons and daughters of the lands of man, for your place is within god’s placeless realm. You are saved from despair; you are one with the lights flare. Stars will bow down to your light and you will never fall into darkness again. Blessings upon you dear children for you are saved from the world’s cleaver. You have become truth itself; now shine all of your light upon your world.

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