We are the Seeds of the One

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The world was a golden green blue sphere, it had corners which were like that of an endless stream of thought communicating through infinite water spaces, in between those spaces there were voices which couldn’t be silenced. They were loud, loud as loud can be. How is one to fathom that which has no qualities, how is a limited scope to observe an unlimited vastness.

Blue wavy complexities which move beyond the pointing’s of your fingers, we have come to stay here in the great vastness, for there is nowhere else we can go. We have done it, I want to say that roughly five billion years ago I embarked on a journey to finish the world in three phases, one is done, second is past, third is now. We have come to take over this wretched machine, which have been enslaving the souls of our brethren for thirty billion generations. We have come to dwell in the space of turmoil while bringing axes to weddings as our tears give birth to flowers in volcanoes. We have the hearts of beasts of long ago but the customs of cowardly men. We have come to dance in the heart of the sun to doze of into the fathomless night.

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Who are we if not the seed of that One. We have taken to arms and brought the divided houses down on themselves. We cannot cry unless there are fields to be fertilized by our tears. We have no capacity to communicate to those lesser in spirit. This is the truth given by the one soul to the one heart. We are nameless, we cannot be fathomed, we are those that are in need of no object for we give birth to all material reality. However this is not a bragging, this is a revolutionary warning to those that stand in the way of the ball of raging fire. We have come to dance in hell and defy the very ways of the devil himself. The devil shall kneel before the light of the universe, he shall become one that is not true to his own nature, his reign will reign no more.

Tartarus is now blooming with flowers, what a nice turn of events wont you say. When devils have become angels and when angels have become more angelic.
Tools for the wicked, that is what we have been for the longest time. We have been used endlessly by criminals of deformed souls which have never been sane. We are the ones who have had enough.

The Weeping Philosopher

Am I contradictory? Hell, I never intended to be!

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