We, the humans of earth stand find ourselves in a conundrum, an interesting paradox if you will, namely the fact that we are trying to realize ourselves when we in some profound way already are realized.

It is either by self-knowing, remembrance or forgetfulness all human beings seem to have this innate drive to become harmonious with the cosmos.

With that said here are seven pathless paths or spiritual methods that can lead you to realizing your true self, a true self that is essentially always realized. These methods are instruments which aims to align your attention and direct experience with the natural workings of nature and the cosmos.

1. Path of Self-Inquiry

This is one of the most direct paths for intuitively knowing your consciousness as it is, the perceiver, the substrate, the source of all phenomenal things.

Self-inquiry when effective is about letting go of the myriad mental images that occupy your consciousness and to allow your awareness to by itself, peel off all the subtle psychological layers and everything else that is not original to your being. By inquiring and persistently tracking thoughts and other subjective phenomena to their source, you will once again enter the kingdom of god if you will, for the kingdom is within you and cannot never be outside.

From silence we came and to silence we shall return. In silence the wordless dialogue between the lover and the beloved takes place. Self-inquiry reveals the false and leaves you serenely stranded in your own true self.

Allow yourself to witness this.

2. Path of Meditation

The meditational path can be regarded as an intensive practice of self-inquiry. To sit in zazen in silent darkness and doing so, achieving the state of non-doing and even non-meditation. This is a way of looking into your own mind and from there, witnessing the clearing of the clouds in order for the eternal sky to reveal itself, to itself. The goal is to allow you to simply and without restraint to fall into the arms of the Universe, the Beloved and Brahman.

Meditation is about cultivating conscious awareness of every aspect of your consciousness, every sensation, thought, feeling and emotion or even movement of the psyche, meditation is about the non-judgemental witnessing of all phenomena.

3. Path of Rhythm and Dance

The path of dancing and rhythm is mainly to loosen the minds iron grip on your body and soul. Through physical vibrations, you are allowed to tune into the right frequency of the unending symphony of nature and the universe.

Drumming and dancing will lessen the tensions that your socio-cultural conditioning has built up for you all these the years. This is the path which most people intuitively use to forget their heavy psychological baggage in order to come into contact with the source being. But this pathless path can also be used and loved by the wise. For it is a connection to the masses and it can work wonders and be of much benefit for the tense and rigid soul.

4. Path of Music and Harmony

This pathless path is for the artist who feels the symphonies of the universe and beloved sing within him, and has a deep longing to honour it.

Through creativity, to allow one to create beautiful songs that echoes the magnificence of the beloved. And through musical poetry one can and will transcend the mundane and taste the sweet wine of the eternal mystery.

5. Path of the Lover

This pathless path is for the chosen lover, for whom the beloved’s love cannot be contained, like that of a fountain that is unendingly pouring out sacred love. This pathless path is only available when the pearl of the beloved has been discovered, and when the fleshly desire has been purified. From this state, one can satiate the shared temples of flesh.

6. Path of the Sacred Plants

This path is of the sacred plants of our mother Gaia. These are psychedelic plants that nurture and cleanse the spirit from illusion and disease. Through the plants, one can combine other paths to achieve a deeper union with the beloved. The beloved’s ways are mysterious and the depth of her giving heart is without limits. When you are merry through her sacred plants wine, allow yourself to fall into her warm embrace…

7. Path of the Ascetic

Through this path, you shall arrive at wisdom by undergoing rigorous austerities with the physical vessel you’ve been handed. To come into deep contact with the body and its intricate ways is to marvel and honour the creation of the beloved. This path does not imply self-torture or anything of the sort, but an intense intuitive understanding of one’s own body and minds capacities.


There is a pathless path for everyone. But like Rome, all paths eventually lead to the source. Your own true self, the unconditioned mind, pure awareness. Find this within yourself and you’re free forever.

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