What are Machine-Elves That Can be Found in DMT?

What are Machine-Elves That Can be Found in DMT?

Machine elves are hyper-dimesional sentient beings that love to play with whomever they can play with in their realm. If you as a human being decide to enter their realm, they will most likely want to play with you. If you carry with you tons of personal identity and...
What is Visible Language? (DMT & McKenna)

What is Visible Language? (DMT & McKenna)

Language is something quite fascinating. Don’t you think? The fact that you can read this at this very moment, written language deciphered by your pattern-seeking mind. Songs and vibrations condensing into objects, objects transformed into meaning in the...

What is N,N-Dimethyltryptamine? (DMT)

DMT is an acronym for an chemical substance called N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. It makes you go to different dimensions within yourself and the universe, sometimes occasioning a mystical experience accompanied by dynamic and highly vivid hallucinations. DMT is a compound...
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