Depression: Transcending it Once and For All (Spiritual Antidote)

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Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside. – Ramana Maharshi


De-pression, a sense of suffocating pressure on your mind, psyche, soul and consciousness.

A terrible gremlin or condition of the mind that troubles many a souls today.

It is indeed a terrible fate to live with depression the majority of ones life.


Well simply because it can so clearly be transcended by your dharmic eye.

Pure wisdom evaporates all forms of negativity, depressions, fears, hopes, dreams and anxieties of the mind.

What is left is you and life, life and you, or just simply life itself without any separation between you and life.

You are life as you are seemingly simultaneously living life.

Lets discover how we can transcend depression through pure spiritual wisdom.

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Know-Thyself: The Antidote for Depression

Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes. – Ramana Maharshi

Know thyself, is a powerful statement, sometimes used casually but most often used in a profound way to clarify to the listener that to know oneself is an invaluable wisdom to attain to.

How do you go about knowing thyself?

Is it by study?

Is it by thinking?

Is it by feeling?

Is it be contemplating?

Is it by meditating?

Is it by practicing?

Is it by giving?

Is it be being kind?

Is it by pushing your limts?

Is it by expressing yourself?

Is it by loving and caring?

Is it by taking responsibility?

It could be all of these things, and none of them.

To truly know yourself, you just have to earnestly entertain an idea sufficiently and long enough.


Who Am I?

That question and seed idea will give you everything you truly need to dissolve depression, that is if you stay long enough with it of course:
Have a look below at Ramana Maharshi’s talks and teaching on Self-Inquiry

Who is Depressed Anyway?

Consciousness can never really be depressed or uplifted, it is always available for every type of experience. Your inherent state is naturally happy. What you need to do is realize that which isn’t you, the separate self / ego.

When you truly establish yourself in your own essential seeing, you become existentially immune to the shenanigans and mischiefs of the psychological mind.

This psychological mind is supposed to be your servant, not your master.

Why you feel depressed is because the consciousness has become too heavily identified with the body and the mental processes that takes place within it.

You are not this!

You are infinite cosnciousness, made of love and pure joy.

If this sounds like hippie bullshit to you well, then you are allowed to have your own opinion.

And you know what they say right.. Opinion are like assh…


Well you get my point!

Be Happy, Thats Your Essential Nature

Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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