Artien: There has been an awakening, he said. Yes there has, yes, an abrupt and rude awakening to our cheerful lives. What have we done to deserve these calamities and misfortunes, Oh how I swear, these times of today have sucked the marrow out of our bones, the deformities in our moral manifestations have been made visible and led even our dearest ones astray from the righteous life. Accursed and forlorn we have become in a world once majestic. Death and plague we have chosen as our masters. Woe to that which is the produce of all this, woe to him I say. If there ever were a divine court to judge this atrocious entity, I would stand witness against him.

I, Artien, have cried tears to fill up basins by the dozens, yes; I’ve cried plenty for the misfortunes and ignorance of man.

How is one not to cry, for…

Ferrahim: Sorry to intrude, your majesty, the council is awaiting your attendance.

Artien: Be gone, son of man, have you not eyes to see me in deepest mourning, there is no greater council than this.

Ferrahim: Sir, I humbly ask you to set aside these complexities and emotions for other times, as there seems to be more urgent matters ahead and which need your fullest attention.

Artien: Alright then, serpent, show me the way to this council you speak of.

Ferrahim lead the way through the highly decorated walls of the prince’s golden palace. At the first turn to the right, a great door opened and the eyes inside the room were staring at the prince and his loyal servant. The prince Artien walked forward and let of a sigh, while continuing his soliloquy.

Artien: How is one not to cry, for these times are filled to the brim with demonic influence.

The world was a golden green blue sphere, it had corners which were like that of an endless stream of thought communicating through infinite water spaces, in between those spaces there were voices which couldn’t be silenced.

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