Aphrodite, literally meaning out of foam (the why you will discover in a moment), was the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire, passion, fertility and sexuality. She is known for being a major figure in ancient Greek mythology and folklore.

Was the Goddess Aphrodite Sexy?

Oh well, I think she was really sexy! She was made out the foam that arose out of the sea, a foam which was of the castrated genitalia of a Primordial god called Uranus! I mean how is that not sexy, right?

Aphrodite had many names and by the time the Romans adopted her, she was known as Venus!

Did you know that according to the myths, she wasn’t born a babe, but a fully grown irresistible woman. I mean how awesome isn’t that!

She was a fiesty sexy gal who bestowed ecstasy and dissolution upon the whomever had the chance of sharing a night with her.

The Birth of Aphrodite

Interesting facts about Aphrodite

  • Aphrodite’s main function in Greek mythology was to simply be beautiful and desirable. She was the goddess of love, beauty, desire, passion, fertility, and sexuality.
  • There are two different origin stories for Aphrodite. One was the above-mentioned story of how she arose of the sea foam created by the castrated private parts of the primordial god Uranus, and the other story describes her as being the daughter of the Olympian god Zeus and Dione (an ancient Titan goddess of the earth and fertility).
  • The ancient city-state Corinth was the main place of worship of Aphrodite. The so called Temple of Aphrodite at Acrocorinth was located here and was famous for being a place of sacred sex/prostitution.
  • Aphrodite was the mother of Eros or also known as Cupid in the Roman world. In fact once she convinced her bow-carrying offspring to make Zeus fall in love with a mortal human woman called Europa. (This happened more frequently than you might think!)
  • Aphrodite had many lovers, marriages and children. She was married to Hephaestus (unwillingly) and she was also lovers to Ares (God of War) and Hermes (God of Trade and the Messenger of the Gods).
  • For the majority of the prostitutes of the ancient world, Aphrodite or Venus was considered as their main patron.

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