The ego is a energetic entity or an mental process that is an emanation of consciousness. The ego arises simultaneously as the body is born, though there is a possibility of it being existent in a ecology of souls prior to the birth of the body. That being said, the ego is not the body and the body is not the ego, though the ego very much claims to be the body but life keeps correcting this illusion. It gets corrected by suffering initially and then, when the consciousness is mature it gets corrected through transcendence.

All biological and immaterial organisms have a certain ego energy to them, and in some this energy is quite so prominent while with others not so much. Nature is here only for evolution and transcendence. Transcendence means dissolution of the separate self-identity.

What is the essence of the sense of separate self?


The nature of thoughts

Now lets talk more about thoughts.

There are many ways of looking upon the phenomena called thought.

From a philosophical/spiritual perspective they are immaterial objects appearing in consciousness.

From a scientific perspective they are electrical nodes and signals firing in the brain.

From a religious point of view, thoughts could be seen as divine or evil voices.

From a shamanic paradigm, they could be seen as spirits or ancestors trying to communicate.

Which one do you think is the right one? Are they all correct and are some of them compatible while others are not?

Thoughts are interesting things for sure, specially when considering they central role in sentient human beings.

That being said, where does no-mind play into this? That is traditions like Zen, Non-Duality and Mysticism, where thoughts are secondary and less important. Thoughts are transcended through silent prayers, meditations, contemplations.

What do you think?


In a sense the ego is essentially made out of thoughts, believed, acted out and reinforced into “reality”. The state of “thoughtlessness” does not allow the possibility of the psychological ego to arise. That is why so many genuine spiritual traditions emphasize the power of silence, whether its through meditation or prayer.

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