Who is the Shaman?

Sacred Art

A shaman is a spirit walker that traverses dimensions in order to extract wisdom and insight for the health of his tribe. He does this by exposing himself to deeper layers of reality and thus gains a perspective and insight not so readily available for the rest of the tribe. The shaman is in a sense an outsider yet someone who is simultaneously deeply integrated with his community, or in other words, what the shaman does is unique and valuable to the community he lives in and therefore he cannot be replaced by just another fella!

The shaman also induces deeper or higher states of consciousness through the use of psychedelics, this is done so that his dharmic eye can be that much more sensitive and receptive to the truths that float around in hypo- & hyperdimensional spaces.


Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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