What is Alchemy, Really?

Yin Yang and the Four Elements

Alchemy is a way of elevating or transforming baser elements into higher ones. The most misunderstood part about alchemy is that it is purely concerned with the material transformation of baser metals (lead) into nobler ones (silver, gold).

This material aspect of alchemy is definitely a part of it but not at all the whole picture. Alchemy I dare say, is more concerned with the spiritual transformation and elevation into ever higher states of consciousness.

The philosophers stone and alchemical gold wasn’t just an object, it was much more a existential state that the alchemist arrived to.

Alchemy is the art of transmuting the ego into a spiritual goldmine, from which the spirit can use its eye of discernment so that its condition can be all the more established in the hierarchy of being.


“The central conception of alchemy is the conception of the philosopher’s stone. What is it? It’s the universal panacea at the end of time. It’s the chocolate cake that your mother made once a week when you were a child. It is the pana supersubstantialis. It’s all things to all men and all women. If you’re hungry, you eat it. If you’re dirty, you shower under it. If you need to go somewhere, you sit on it and you fly there. If you have a question, it answers it. It’s something that the human mind senses in itself and is related to, invoked and worshiped over centuries, before the slow rise of the patriarchy, rationalism and materialism turned it into a myth and a fairy tale.” 
Terence McKenna



Alchemical Process Completed

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Seeker is a name, I am not my name, I am the nameless because the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao.

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