“Some of our richest days are those in which no sun shines outwardly, but so much the more a sun shines inwardly.” – Henry David Thoreau

The essence of spirituality is to know yourself as presence instead of person.

A person is a conditioned state of mind that the society and human enterprise gives birth to.

A person is a limited state of consciousness that more often than not makes the original sense of presence a prisoner of its own reality.

The goal with spirituality is to transcend these lower forces which personhood, identity, ego are a big part of.

Spirit in spirituality is to come to know yourself as spiritual and not merely a mental and physical organism that lives and breathes for a certain span of time on a blue-green planet.

a sage wandering across mountains

Not that thats not awesome in its own right.

Supremely awesome.

But when the spirit gets too trapped in ego and illusion, it is time for this being to wake up to the true reality of herself.

Waking Up

The true reality which is unbound and unlimited by any limitations that the body mind can impose upon it.

The spiritual end-game is to see yourself as immaculate awareness.

To have dissolved in silence thus making it your essential being

The spiritual quest is to overcome all the notions about life and to be life it self. Unfiltered and immediate.

To live life directly instead of through ones projections about it.

To live freely and happily as what you are.

In other words, spirituality is a process of discovery of your essential unconditioned nature.

A nature which is made out of pure love and understanding.

A nature which does not share the limitations of the psychological mind and physical body.

“When you move silently, then you are that which God was before nature and creature, out of which He created your nature and creature.” –  Jakob Böhme

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