Ra was the Egyptian god of the sun, he became this major figure about 4500 years ago in the Fifth Dynasty. He was one of the most, if not the most important god in the Egyptian world for centuries or millennias. Which is quite plausible considering that it is the Sun that gives life to all, it is the sun that gives all the light, growth and warmth we need to live and flourish.

Did you know that humanity was created by the very tears of Ra? But not only humanity was created by Ra, but all things under the sun. (No pun intended)

Ra was quite a cool fella who had a human body with a falcon head with a sun-disk resting on it. Oh and he also had a solar boat which he dragged the sun along.

Ra, the sun God

Interesting facts about Ra

  • Ra was the Ancient Egyptian god of the sun and was also regarded as the king of the gods.
  • Ra was the most revered and worshipped of all the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.
  • Pharaohs often associated and identified themselves with Ra in order to further their power and status amongst the people.
  • Ra was often portrayed as having a human body with hawk head with a sun disk resting on top of it.
  • The word and term Ra is also believed to mean something along the lines of “the creative principle” or creativity.
  • Ra is regarded as the father of many gods and goddesses in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.
  • In the ancient Egyptian mythos and stories Ra had many different forms in which he displayed himself during the time-span of a day, most notably a beetle (Khepri) in the morning, a solar disc in the noon and as a ram headed man during sunset.
  • Humanity and the rest of creation was supposedly created by the tears of Ra.


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