A buddha simply means the enlightened one, but when one is talking about “The Buddha” one is most likely referring to Siddartha Gautama, who was a fella who became one with infinity many years ago, roughly 2500.

The Story of Siddartha Gautama

The story of the Buddha’s life is well known and powerful.

In a nutshell: He went from being a prince to becoming a beggar, to an ascetic to a sage and master. He went through all extremes just to end up finding the middle way.

One need not starve one self, he realized, something he said after he did precisely that, starvation to the point of severe emaciation, one need not be a prince or a king either to reach nirvana which he could attest to since being a opulent prince in his past life.

Here is an colorful animation of his life:

The Buddha’s Way to Enlightenment

He proposed the way to enlightenment by being simply aware of ones breath. When ones mind becomes one-pointed in this technique, one slowly becomes aware of the gaps between the thoughts, and when one gets aware of the gaps, they become wider and longer. And when the gaps between the thoughts become wider and longer, one is revealed to ones on essential condition. The substrate from which all thoughts and sensations arise out. Even the body and all other sentient life derive their existence from this gapless consistent foundation of existence.

Buddhas way to enlightenment was through the middle way and through this “vipassana” awareness of breath.

Thoughts are like clouds, and as such they belong out of time. Or as Gautam Buddha said in the Kimsuka Sutta,

“Whatever has the nature of arising has the nature of ceasing.”

buddha quote on water change

What does this mean for us?

This means that everything that we perceive in the phenomenal world is transient, not is stable. “Panta Rei” or “Everything flows” as Heraclitus once said around the same time as the Buddha. Everything is swallowed up by time and transformation.

Except for one thing!

Pure consciousness! Presence! Awareness!


Well because it itself gives birth to time.

Awareness is the womb of existence and of time.

When the consciousness realizes its own essential nature, it attains nirvana.

IF we wish to enter the gates of nirvana we have to walk the walk our selves.

Or again to quote Buddha from the Dhammapada,

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

buddha quote on knowing ourselves on our own

Begin your journey towards yourself and see what mystery awaits your lovely gaze.

This is what the Buddha did, this is what Mooji did, this is what Meister Eckhart did, Heraclitus, St. Teresa of Avila, Jesus of Nazareth, Rumi, Hafez and Kabir did.

Find it within the retreats of your own soul, and you shall be liberated and all ignorance shall be ended.


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